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The school is placed in the outskirts of Kovilpatti in Pandavarmangalam. The school building is in the shape of 7 and is fenced by a safe boundary wall that skirts the ground of the school. The building has three floors. The front yard of the school is guarded by a security and keeps record of visitors into the campus. A safe gate pass system is followed.

As covid measures the school security staff checks the temperature, ensures their mouth mask and every entrant ensures the sanitisation of their hands. Social Distancing is also ensured in the campus.


The exhaustive labs flourishing with the scientific apparatus and tools ensure learning through experiments, reflection, observation and inference. Students experiment with the faculty guidance and keep observation records. This activity based learning provides experiential learning and enthuses inquiry based learning. We have spacious and well equipped Physics Lab , Chemistry Lab and Biology Lab on the second floor.

The Computer Lab

The Computer Lab is facilitated with 40 computer systems with access to students for their varied computer projects. Students have excelled in robotics and have won laurels.


Every leader is shaped out of a reader. So our Library is voluminous of about 5000 books with ranges of books that attracts our readers to series of stories by Enid Blyton, English classics, novels and Literature. A reference sections with encyclopaedias and Britannica’s are used for references, project The room has sections for young readers and also staff. The various educational magazines also widen the horizons of the wisdom of our children. The ambience of the library helps one to transit to the world of the authors.

Math Lab

Math becomes easy with puzzles through shapes and basic learning of concepts .Students solve and evolve with the equipment and tools in the math lab. The critical analysing and problem solving techniques.

Kids Play Area

Gross motor activities help build the big muscle of our KG kids and it is monitored by our faculty allowing them to exercise by climbing and jumping. The small slides ensure safe falls for the small kids.


Play is another form of learning and activates the brain for better concentration. There are courts for ball badminton, volleyball, handball and kabaddi. Children focus on warm up skills and fitness programmes with inbuilt curriculum and also the basic skills for each game.